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Truking Ingenuity Biotechnology(ChangSha) Co.Ltd (Truking Ingenuity) is a holding subsidiary of Truking Technology Co.Ltd.,  Truking Ingenuity is a global biopharmaceutical company providing integrated solutions and services for separation and purification, at the same time with pumps, valves and other core device research and development and manufacturing, is located in Hunan Ningxiang Truking Industrial Park.
 Truking Ingenuity's predecessor was Hunan United Ingenuity Technology CO.,LTD.,Truking Ingenuity is the first professional manufacturer engaged in the separation and purification equipment of biological macromolecules in China, is a set of independent intellectual property research, production, service in one of the high-tech enterprises, the company since 2012 began to carry out various types of chromatography, liquid, ultrafiltration and other equipment R & D and manufacturing. The company has a professional team with rich experience in aerospace science and Technology and long-term experience in biomedical field. After nearly 10 years of continuous development, the product line covers separation and purification, ultrafiltration and concentration, and on-line liquid mixing, the main application areas are human / animal vaccines, blood products, antibodies, raw materials and medicines, health products and skin care additives, etc. . From Laboratory to pilot plant to mass production, from purification process development to packing to equipment, we can provide a complete solution. 
At present, the company has established good cooperative relations with hundreds of enterprises at home and abroad, and its products have been exported to Japan, India, Brazil, Russia, Cambodia and other countries, won The wide praise of customers.
 Our goal is to help customers in the R & D and production processes to ensure quality, improve efficiency, cost savings, to achieve chutianyuan create a world-famous with independent intellectual property rights of the biological pharmaceutical equipment enterprises.



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